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Find out which are the services that Veritas performs.


General about Services

Our mission here is to help the scientific community, public or private, to address/solve all their needs in protein analysis. We believe that by joining skills and efforts, the chances of success of an innovative project greatly increase.We provide our biotechnology platform and team expertise for advanced protein analysis and characterization.

Our platform can be applied, with minimal modifications, to virtually any cell, tissue or sample type, whether of human, animal, plant or bacterial origin.

Our services include: Protein Identification, Protein Quantification, Biomarker Discovery, Proteomics Analysis, Protein N-Terminal Sequencing and Consulting and Training.Some of Veritas' potential clients are: professors/researchers from public or private universities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that invest significantly in R&D.

Serviços da Veritas Life Sciences
Proteomic Analysis
Análise Proteômica

Proteomic Analysis

Veritas is the first Brazilian company to provide proteomic analysis services. With more than 20 years of team experience together with the use of state-of-the-art equipment, we provide solutions for all your needs in proteomics research.

After cautious experimental design and sample preparation, we performed the identification of proteins usually by digestion and analysis of peptides by advanced mass spectrometry LC-MS/MS. Samples can be simple or such as cells, tissues, biological fluids and conditioned culture medium of human, animal, vegetable or bacterial origin.


The difference in protein expression between two or more samples, in a statistically relevant way, can be performed by:

- Absolute quantification (using stable isotopes)
- Relative (by the “spectral counts” approach)

In addition, we performe bioinformatic analysis of proteomic data, analysis of post-translational modifications such as: phosphorylation, ubiquitination and glycosylation.


Identification of Biomarkers

Discovery of Biomarkers. R&D contracts for the discovery and validation of proteomic biomarkers may include experimental design and sample preparation steps; differential protein expression analysis by absolute (stable isotopes) or relative (spectral counts) quantification of proteins in complex matrices or biological fluids; bioinformatic analysis of proteomic data; validation of targets by advanced mass spectrometry.


We also carry out, together with a partner in the USA, analyzes of toxicity and efficacy in animal models.

Identificação de Proteínas

Protein Identification

We perform protein extraction, purification and complete characterization including the identification of proteins present in complex or purified samples, present in solution, in SDS-PAGE electrophoresis gels or any other matrix.

After adequate sample preparation, proteins are digested with enzymes and the resulting peptides are analyzed by advanced mass spectrometry.

The obtained MS/MS data are compared with databases for the identification of proteins. We perform the analysis of differential expression of proteins by absolute quantification (stable isotopes) or relative (“spectral counts”).


N-Terminal Sequencing

N-terminal sequencing of a protein is performed by the chemical technique of Edman's Automated Degradation. 283–293.

Reference: – Edman, P. (1950), “Method for the determination of the sequence of amino acids in peptides”, Acta Chem.Scand.4 : 283–293.

Sequenciamento N-Terminal
Consultoria e Treinamento

Consulting and Training

Veritas provides strategic consulting and training in: biotechnology, biomarker identification, proteomic analysis, bioinformatics, protein purification and characterization.

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